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Why Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine procedures are elective, meaning they are not necessary to a patient’s health. However, these services have functional benefits including an increase in self-esteem as noted in this scientific study where 100 participants were either administered with Botox or placebo saline. Participants treated with Botox reported increased feelings of overall self-esteem (including appearance, social, and performance-related self-esteem) and overall quality of life than their counterparts.

Many patients also opt for aesthetic medicine to give them a competitive edge in the job market. This was made abundantly clear when aesthetic medicine procedures remained popular even during the Great Recession — especially in comparison to the number of plastic surgery procedures, which gradually decreased. Since aesthetic medicine procedures are minimally invasive in nature, they are more affordable, produce quicker results, and require little recovery time. In a world that values youth and beauty, these factors allow patients to return to work or proceed with their job hunt as quickly as possible.

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    Things to Consider About Aesthetic Medicine

    Patients considering aesthetic medicine should know that not all providers are created equal. In other words, it is critical to do the necessary research to determine whether a practitioner is legally allowed to perform certain procedures. In the state of California, only physicians may inject Botox — though exceptions can be made for registered nurses or physician assistants, and only if they inject under the doctor’s supervision. While Botox is safe, it is still a medical procedure and, as such, it should only be administered by those who fully understand how it may affect the patient.

    Similarly, anyone who performs laser hair removal in California must be at least a certified registered nurse. Patients should be wary of any laser centers helmed by so-called “laser technicians” without any medical degrees (often with a background in cosmetology). Laser hair removal is generally a safe procedure if performed properly. However, cosmetologists are only trained in understanding the chemistry of the hair — not the safety measures necessary to prevent any undesirable and potentially painful results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Botox work?

    Botox works by targeting the repeated muscle contractions involved in squinting, smiling, frowning, and raising the eyebrows — one of the main underlying causes of fine lines. By temporarily reducing this muscle activity, Botox visibly diminishes the appearance of any crow’s feet, forehead lines, or frown lines. Over time, your body will learn to use these muscles less — thus reducing the formation of any new lines.

    When should I start using Botox?

    There is no set age to start using Botox, especially since everyone ages differently. If you have fine lines you want to reduce, you may benefit from Botox, no matter your age. Consult with Dr. Brar to see if Botox is right for you.

    What should I do after my laser hair removal procedure?

    Sun protection is always critical, but it is especially essential after laser hair removal. Avoid direct sunlight on the treated skin, and wear sunscreen whenever you may be exposed even to indirect sunlight. Some redness and swelling after the treatment is common and should be no cause for concern. You can apply a cool compress to help reduce any discomfort. Dr. Brar will supply you with aftercare instructions that will lead to the best results.

    How long does it take to see the results of laser hair removal?

    You may see results immediately after your first session. However, every person is different. Your skin color, hair color and thickness, area treated, and type of laser used may all affect your results. In general, you can expect a 10% to 25% reduction after your first treatment. Most patients require two to six sessions to see the full effects.

    Can aesthetic medicine really produce natural-looking results?

    Yes. If administered properly, aesthetic medicine will only enhance what you already have. Dr. Brar will work with you to enhance your natural features while giving you the results you desire.

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