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Concierge medicine is a fee-based form of primary care that allows for more personalized treatment. Patients who enroll in concierge medicine can build close relationships with their doctors, enabling them to receive the close attention they need.

Concierge medicine is available at A Personal Physician in the Tri-City area as well as online via telemedicine. Let us provide you with the individualized treatment you deserve. Call us today at (760) 940-7000 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.

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    Understanding Concierge Medicine

    Concierge medicine is a form of retainer-based care that is quickly gaining popularity among the middle class. Once believed to be reserved for the wealthy, concierge medicine is now available for patients of varying backgrounds. This type of medicine allows patients to receive quality, personalized care from their physician. It is also known as boutique medicine, platinum practice, or direct primary care. Concierge medicine includes both primary and preventive medicine.

    In exchange for an annual fee, concierge doctors limit their clientele while also providing enhanced access and longer appointments. Since concierge medicine is retainer-based, it is available even to patients not covered by health insurance. Some patients who have health insurance may opt for concierge care, especially if they have chronic conditions requiring vigilant treatment.

    Traditional Primary Care vs. Concierge Medicine

    The most significant difference between conventional primary care and concierge care is that concierge medicine offers closer, more personalized care. The average visit to a traditional primary care physician only lasts 10-12 minutes, making it difficult for patients and doctors to have significant in depth conversations. Wait times for conventional primary care physicians are also higher than they are for concierge doctors, as traditional physicians have many more patients to see.

    Although traditional primary care physicians are equipped to treat both acute and chronic illnesses, nearly half of all Americans have at least one chronic condition that would benefit from closer and more complex care. Ideally, such consideration should involve personalized high level care.

    Why Concierge Medicine

    Every concierge care practice is different. We offer general and preventive medical services, like diagnostic tests and physical examinations, weight loss and skin services as well as minor urgent care services. Our services are meant to be a holistic plan that lets us treat issues that require immediate treatment in the comfort of your home on your iPhone to prevent a visit to the urgent care or hospital. Since concierge care practices can offer more comprehensive medical care, most patients spend less money on healthcare costs as they are prevented from having chronic conditions than traditional insurance plans.

    A personal physician limits the number of concierge clientele meaning there is more time to dedicate to each of our patients. Patients of concierge doctors have an average visit time of 30 minutes, with an average visit count of three to four visits per year. While traditional practice will typically deal with anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 patients, a personal physician has an average of 500 patients. A personal physician can often spot and prevent costly, more comprehensive health problems in the long run with an increased focus on preventative medicine.

    Things to Consider About Concierge Medicine

    As with any other life decisions, you need to consider all options before opting for concierge care. It is essential to note that you will still need health insurance to go to the emergency room or see other specialists. The hope is that with regular high quality visits, we will work together to reduce your risks. A personal physician also has a team of highly rated specialists that will give you expedited and exceptional care.

    While we do accept insurance, it is typically for treatment not prevention. Patients should also consider how frequently they plan on using the service. Any patient with chronic conditions that require several doctor’s visits, concierge medicine can be a fantastic, cost-effective alternative to conventional primary care.

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    If you have a chronic health condition and looking for personalized, high quality healthcare, concierge medicine may be right for you. A Personal Physician can help so call us today at (760) 940-7000 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many patients does the average concierge doctor have?

    We limit our concierge practices to 500 patients. In comparison, most traditional primary care practices see anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 patients per doctor.

    How much more available are concierge doctors than conventional primary care physicians?

    A personal physician can generally see you within 12-24 hours (either in-office or at-home via telemedicine), and can schedule annual physicals, wellness consultations, preventive care, via telemedicine and email access.

    Is concierge medicine right for me?

    Ultimately, only you know what is best for you. The ideal candidate for concierge medicine with a personal physician is someone who values their time and their health.

    Besides membership fees, what out of pocket fees can I expect to pay with concierge medicine?

    Membership fees Similar to a traditional practice, copays and deductibles may apply based on insurance benefits. Diagnostic imaging, hospitalizations, lab work, medications, and specialist visits can also be out of pocket fees.

    How does concierge medicine work when the doctor is out of town?

    A personal physician will have contingencies to account for physician travel and sickness and will always have a physician available for concierge patients.

    Are membership fees with concierge medicine covered by FSA/HSA?

    A personal physician visits can be reimbursed with FSA/HSA for qualified medical services including the executive physical.

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