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A medical spa, or medspa, should be your first destination when it comes to getting effective skin care procedures to deal with issues that come with aging skin like wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin or hyperpigmentation. A medical spa also provides cosmetic treatments, like reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Regardless of how well a person takes care of themselves, the effects of aging eventually creep in. It can lead to a loss of confidence and less willingness to do the things they normally enjoy. Fortunately, there have been many breakthroughs in the past decade when it comes to reducing or eliminating the effects of aging. A medical spa is a place where most of these services are offered.

Medical spas are commonly called medspas or medi-spas. These facilities combine top-end medical equipment similar to those that can be found in a doctor's office, with the stress-reducing experience of a regular spa. Nowadays, the average medspa provides many anti-aging procedures that were once performed in hospitals.

Most states in the U.S. require medical spas to be owned and managed by a doctor. The aestheticians are skilled people who are trained to perform medical grade procedures while under the supervision of a doctor.

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    How a medical spa helps combat the effects of aging on skin

    The skin is the largest organ in a person's body. It takes more of a beating than any other organ, yet most people do not spend much time worrying about its health or taking care of it. This only leads to the effects of aging being even more pronounced. Failing to take proper care of the skin also increase a person's risks of developing certain types of cancer.

    At a medspa, patients are educated on how to prevent their skin from becoming damaged and how to address any issues they are currently dealing with. Medspas also provide comprehensive treatments that leave the patient's skin looking younger, healthier and more rested.

    Since a medspa is run by a physician, any medications that may improve the patient's condition can be prescribed as needed. Combining medication with effective treatments like medical-grade peels, laser treatment and skin care products often produces better results than if only one type of treatment is used.

    Finding the right medspa

    There are certain things a person should look for when seeking out a medspa, such as:

    1. How often is the doctor present?

    The law requires all medical spas to be managed by a doctor, but that person is not required to be there at all times. Patients should find out what the doctor's timetable looks like and if they will be seen by the person during their consultation.

    2. Are consultations free?

    Patients should know if they will be charged for their consultation before going in. Most medspas offer free consultations, but it never hurts to ask.

    3. How relaxing is the place?

    It is a spa after all, so patients should ensure that it makes them feel relaxed. A medspa should not just be some clinic you go to for treatments, it should be the first destination anytime you need a break from the hassles of your daily routine.

    Treatments and procedures performed at a medical spa

    A medspa typically provides all the services you would expect to find at a regular spa, like body treatments, massages and facials.

    The other types of treatments that can be typically found at a medspa include:

    1. Chemical peels

    This is a procedure used to improve how the skin on the neck, face or hands looks. A chemical solution is applied to the patient's skin and exfoliates it, leading to the skin peeling off. The new skin revealed is typically smoother than the layer that was removed.

    2. Aesthetic services 

    These include skin care treatments like makeup applications, hair removal techniques and facials. They are procedures that instantly improve a person's appearance.

    3. Botox and fillers

    Botulinum has been popularized by popular celebrities and remains one of the most effective ways to reduce wrinkles and make a person appear younger. Botox is not only used for cosmetic issues, but it is also used to deal with health issues like strabismus (cross eyes) or muscle spasms.

    Dermal fillers are materials injected into a person's skin to make the area look fuller. There is a wide range of materials that can be used as fillers, like:

    • Calcium hydroxylapatite, a mineral naturally present in bones
    • Hyaluronic acid, a fluid naturally found in the body that makes skin plump
    • Polylactic acid
    • Polyalkylimide
    • Polymethyl

    4. Microdermabrasion

    This is an exfoliation method used to rejuvenate a person's skin. It is an effective way to treat stretch marks, sun damage, discoloration and minor scars. During the procedure, an instrument is used to gently remove the outer layer of skin.

    5. Photo-facial pulsed light skin treatments

    This involves using IPL technology to perform treatments like photofacials. A handheld device is passed over the patient's skin and flashes a range of light that targets skin.

    6. Sclerotherapy

    This is also called spider vein treatment. During the treatment, a solution is injected into the affected veins and causes them to collapse and fade.

    You will see the rewards of taking care of yourself daily

    When a person takes advantage of the many treatments provided at a medical spa, they get to keep their skin looking younger and healthier. As a result, you feel better about your appearance and get a nice confidence boost.

    A medspa goes way beyond all that, though. It is also a place where you get to put your feet up and let others take care of you. It is like a vacation right in the middle of your busy routine.

    At A Personal Physician, we can help you slow down the effects of aging, and we can address any other cosmetic concerns you have. Visit us at our Vista office today.

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